Makarska, Croatia


Makarska  is a small town  on the Adriatic coastline of Croatia,  settled somwhere mid-way the cities Split and Dubrovnik.  What makes it’s location exceptionally interesting is that the city itself grew  between the Biokovo mountain and the Adriatic sea at a horse – shoe shaped bay surrounded by the peninsula  of St. Peter and the cape Osejava. Travel by taxi from Split airport to Makarska takes approximately 1h20min and costs between 90 € – 110 €. In the past this natural harbor provided protection from the stormy weathers to everyone who needed it – from sailors and merchants to pirates. That is why Makarska soon developed into a trading port, especially during the Ottoman and Venetian occupation.

Near present-day Makarska, there was a settlement as early as the middle of the 2nd millennium BC. It is thought that it was a point used by the Cretans on their way up to the Adriatic (the so-called “amber route”). However it was only one of the ports with links with the wider Mediterranean, as shown by a copper tablet with Cretan and Egyptian systems of measurement. A similar tablet was found in the Egyptian pyramids. In the Illyrian era, like the rest of Dalmatia at the time, wider areas were connected in the broad alliances of tribes, including this as well.

Few centuries later, this area was under the jurisdiction of the Roman Empire, however, the Romans had a lot of problems confirming their status as rulers. In order to finally do so, they started to inhabit their retired soldiers in Makarska. Over the centuries the city has been under the several rulers, untill 1800s when the Austrian governance and remained that way for over a century.

Obviously, this city has suffered under many conquerors, but today, one could say that there is a certain type of the conqurers that find this area very interesting – tourists. There are many things to find interesting about Makarska, especially 2 km long pebble beach with the walkways  lined with pine trees. Very heavenly indeed.

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The best way to become familiar with the history of this city is by visiting the Franciscan monastery which recently celebrated its 500th anniversary. The monastery boasts a picture gallery, library, one-of-a-kind Malaco-logical museum and the Institute of Mountains and Sea. The church of St. Marko is located on the Kacic square. On its north side are: the Gojak gallery, located in the old school building, public library, the school of music, and the headquarters of the Makarska Riviera radio. The city museum can be found on the waterfront, as well as the church of St. Filip. The renovated church of St. Petar is located in the St. Petar park, a spot with a beautiful view of the city, magnificent Mount Biokovo and the open sea.

Makarska is also the center of Makarska riviera, a popular tourist destination under the Biokovo mountain that stretches for 60 km, from Brela to Gradac. In the summer time the Makarska’s harbor is filled with yachts and tourists ships while the people are enjoying at the beach or at one of many cafes and restaurants. As the night comes, people are rushing to the bars and discotheques, since Makarska has always been famous for it’s night life.

This city is great vacation choise for all kinds of people, you can experience historical heritage of the city, get a ferry boat to island of Brač for a one day trip, enjoy the lovely sandy beach and a crystal clear sea, plenty of great reastaurants to chose from and to top it all great night life.